OT Bernhard Raimann, Central Michigan

6’7” – 305 lbs.


Born in Austria. Has played football since he was fourteen, then moved to the United States for college after completing compulsory military service in his home country. Began his career as a tight end, spending two years there before converting to the offensive line prior to his junior season. Has spent the past two seasons at the position, including last year’s six-game season.


Tall lineman with long arms; carries his weight well. Comes out of his stance pretty low to be competitive in the leverage battle. Shows solid grip strength and flashes good leg drive to sustain blocks and generate movement in a phone booth. Understands positioning and does a good job of walling off defenders in the run game, even on snaps in which he’s asked to cover some ground and line up opponents in space. Straight-line speed is good enough to get to the second level. Works hard to stick with his assignment through the whistle. Nice knee bend and width to his pass sets. Looks pretty light on his feet, with good lateral quickness to mirror and protect the edge against speed. Places and resets his hands well. Generally does a good job of keeping his back straight. Likely still has some upside given how new he is to the position.


Will turn 25 in September. Coordinated and light on his feet, but is not a very explosive athlete. Brings more of a workmanlike approach than a nasty one to the game; content to wall off and will let his feet go dead before the whistle. Still developing his functional strength, and some teams may ask him to fill out his frame a little bit more. Pad level gets high as the play goes on. Some balance issues leading him to fall off of blocks; can be a leaner. Plays a little bit narrow in the run game at times. Recognition skills are still a work in progress. Can drop a late anchor at times. Occasionally gets set up, misses his punch, and struggles to recover while maintaining his form.


A difficult evaluation in that he’s a big, athletic left tackle who’s relatively new to the position and looks pretty advanced given how long he’s been playing there, but is also overaged and still needs to add functional strength and continue polishing his technique. Could develop into a starting blindside protector in a zone-blocking scheme, so it’s looking like he’ll be a second-day pick for a team that doesn’t think he needs too much more time to get onto the field.


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