OT Braxton Jones, Southern Utah

6’5” – 306 lbs.


Also played basketball in high school. Appeared in a handful of games over his first two seasons before putting together three years as a starter. Plays left tackle.


Three-year starter with impressive 36” arms which were among the longest in Mobile. Plays the game with nastiness and physicality. Athleticism and range are both solid; comes from a zone scheme which often had him on the move; able to get up to the second level or lead the way on pull blocks. Short-area quickness looks to be above-average; can cross a defender’s face and seal them out of rushing lanes. Understands positioning and does a good job of walling off defenders, working hard to stick with opponents through the whistle. Has some solid power in his hands to turn defenders out of the hole and get himself between them and the ballcarrier. Grip strength looks very good; stays locked on all play. Nice leg drive once engaged. Does a good job of playing within his frame and avoiding waist-bending. Solid base width in his pass sets, with a straight back. Active and accurate with his punch. Has enough natural strength to hold up against power. Brings the same approach to every snap; not all over the place fundamentally.


Was listed at 6’7” but measured 6’5” at the Senior Bowl, which is adequate but on the lower end of what teams look for. Doesn’t play with the lowest pad level, undermining his ability to generate push; ends up being more of a physical wall-off blocker than someone who generates a ton of movement. Lowers his head into contact at times in space. Knee bend and overall flexibility are just average, which can undermine his anchor/balance; drops the anchor too late at times against power. Feet are choppy, but doesn’t get a ton of depth in his kickslide; looks more athletic in a straight line than laterally. Will be adjusting to a big leap up in level of competition.


A long, athletic, and physical left tackle who played in a zone-blocking scheme in college and showed that he is capable of securing blocks in space, with impressive grip strength to sustain through the whistle. Plays with the polish a three-year starter should, and although his size is closer to adequate and he doesn’t always get low enough to maul in a phone booth, offers the sort of consistent technique and understanding of positioning to potentially develop into a starter at the next level; could come off the board as early as the second day despite coming from a smaller program.

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