OT Kellen Diesch, Arizona St.

6’7” – 300 lbs.


Four-star recruit who originally attended Texas A&M, redshirting in 2016 and serving in a reserve role in each of the following three seasons before transferring. Immediately stepped into a starting tackle role at Arizona St. upon arrival in 2020, manning the left tackle position in both seasons with the team.


Two-year starter who has very good height/length for a pro tackle. Plays the game with a high energy level. Shows some explosiveness out of his stance. Very good athlete whose short-area quickness in the run game is impressive; can easily climb up to the second level and execute any sort of zone-blocking concepts. Was very effective blocking on angles. Works well on combination blocks. Able to get out and lead the way in the screen game. Form looks good in pass protection. Nice knee-bend to compete in the leverage battle, with a wide base in his pass sets. Accurate hand placement with his punch. Has the length and lateral quickness to mirror against speed. Doesn’t overset and open himself up to inside moves. Anchor can drop a little bit late at times but doesn’t get totally overpowered.


Overaged prospect who has been in college for six years, only starting in two. Might be asked to continue adding bulk and functional strength; not a dominant blocker in a phone booth, which may cause some inline teams to see other tackles as better fits. More hard-working than nasty or physically dominant. Doesn’t quite have the feel for positioning you’d like in an older prospect; too often blocking a defender’s side instead of walling off. Works hard to sustain but overall grip strength is closer to adequate. Somewhat susceptible to getting too little depth and having to abandon his technique against speed without a tight end on his side. Gets grabby too often and might be penalty-prone at the next level. Occasionally plays a little too far over his toes. Minor cases of bending at the waist/lowering his head into contact.


A very intriguing player with the height, length, and athleticism to potentially play the left tackle position in a zone blocking scheme but who is older than your typical prospect and doesn’t look like a finished product yet. Draft stock will depend on how quickly teams think they can improve his functional strength and iron out some of the kinks in his technique.   

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