OT Max Mitchell, Louisiana

6’6” – 299 lbs.


Rotated in as a freshman, then took over a starting role the following year and retained that for the past three years. Predominantly plays right tackle but has some experience on the left as well in Louisiana’s spread offense; quarterback was left-handed, so his side was the blindside.


Three-year starter who has excellent size, carrying his weight well. Very athletic blocker who can easily climb to the second level, sometimes after a chip, and secure blocks on linebackers or otherwise obstruct them with his body. Work rate looks very good. Was asked to pull to the left side of the line on some rushing attempts and looks comfortable lining up opponents. Works well on combo blocks. Nice leg drive after contact. Light on his feet in pass protection, with adequate knee bend. Gets enough depth to protect the edge against speed. Active with his hands, getting good extension and placing/resetting them well. Lower-body strength looks at least adequate, with a wide base. Mirrors very well once he’s got his hands on opponents. Able to block on plays that move the pocket. Easily gets out to the sideline when blocking in the screen game.


Still needs to add additional bulk and functional strength, although he has added about thirty pounds since joining the team; looks a little bit linear. Arms measured in just over 33.5” at the Senior Bowl, on the low end for a tackle. Not a mauler in a phone booth; more physical/aggressive than powerful. Balance and technique aren’t quite where they should be as a senior who’s been starting for the past three seasons. Can struggle to stay engaged at the second level/in space. Plays outside his frame and ends up falling off or down. Pad level is a little bit high, limiting his leverage. Hands can find their ways high and outside at times. Looks like he’s still developing his awareness in blitz pickup. Kickslide can look a little bit clunky at times. Occasionally gets jolted by opposing bull-rushers. Handles the speed rush more easily than inside moves.


A very intriguing prospect who combines very good size/length with excellent athleticism and a physical, hard-working temperament, he needs to continue adding additional bulk/strength and improve his overall technique, but the tools are there to develop into a starting offensive tackle, potentially manning the blindside on a team which runs a zone-blocking scheme that asks their linemen to get out in space/pull across the formation. A little bit behind where he should be technically, but if teams have confidence in their ability to improve his balance and pad level, he could find his way into the second day.

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