OT Rasheed Walker, Penn St.*

6’6” – 325 lbs.


Redshirted after four appearances in his true freshman season, then took over as the team’s starting left tackle the following year, a role which he reprised in each of the past three seasons before declaring for the draft.


Comes with three years of experience at left tackle for a major program. Massive lineman who should meet any team’s size requirements. Gets down low to compete in the leverage battle. Has a powerful shove to knock opponents off-balance out of his stance. Can fire out with a low pad level and drive edge defenders into the middle of the defense to seal the edge in the run game. Overall grip strength looks very good; works hard to stick with his man through the whistle. More nimble and flexible than his size would suggest. Some ability to secure blocks on second-level defenders; can also be seen downfield trying to get blocks on longer plays. Nice knee-bend and seat in pass protection, with a wide base. Generally does a good job of anchoring against power, with plenty of lower-body strength. Pretty good hand placement, with impressive ability to reset. Nice punch.


Appears he’s only played left tackle; may need to learn different footwork/technique at the next level. Would like to see a little more urgency and nastiness to his game. Can be a little bit of a leaner at times. Seems to have some trouble recognizing blitzes/twists. Some oversetting which opens him up to inside moves. Lateral quickness and recovery speed are closer to average. Can struggle to get enough depth in his kickslide to defend against speed while still maintaining the integrity of his base. At times, can be jolted by power more easily than frame would suggest. Lapses into throwing a shoulder at opponents instead of engaging with his hands at times when helping.


A player with a rare combination of size, bulk, and flexibility, but who has a little bit more of a finesse approach to the position and who some teams may consider more of a candidate to slide inside to guard or flip to the right side of the offensive line. Generally got the job done at the college level, but sometimes looked like he wasn’t dominating as much as his physical tools should allow him to. Nevertheless, has starting-caliber tools and could come off the board as early as the second day, with enough size/power to appeal to inline teams and enough athleticism to potentially interest zone teams as well.

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