DB Kerby Joseph, Illinois

6’1” – 203 lbs. – N/A

Played extensively as a sophomore, but is only a one-year starter who played receiver the first half of his junior year; broke out this season with a five-interception campaign. Has a strong build and impressive length for the position. Was asked to do a little bit of everything last year, working from the box/slot on occasion, but was mostly playing high. Pretty tough, physical safety and a good communicator on the back end. Has clean footwork and transitions when working in deep zones; fast/rangy enough to play single high, and was trusted to do it often this past year. Brings a conservative temperament to the game, limiting big plays. Has nice plant and drive skills on throws in front of him. Still a work in progress; doesn’t always look like he trusts his reads, being a step slow to react at times. Can be lured away from the play direction, taking false steps against misdirection. Gets good extension with his arms but can struggle to hold the point when playing in the box. Caught up in congestion when pursuing across the formation. Needs to clean up his angles a little bit; can be too conservative at times, while overpursuing on other  snaps. Has experience on coverage units. Should be an interesting developmental prospect for a team seeking high safeties, given his overall length, range, and ball skills, although he may need more time to polish his play recognition skills and to get comfortable working in man/playing in the box. May end up as a third or fourth-rounder.


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