DE DeAngelo Malone, Western Kentucky

6’3” – 243 lbs. – 4.54

Very gangly, high-cut edge; looks more like a wide receiver on tape. Fifth-year senior who was highly productive as a four-year starter in Conference USA. Took snaps both standing up and with his hand in the dirt. Shows the flexibility teams look for in a pass-rusher. Some ability to work inside moves to generate pressure. Gets his hands up to contest passing lanes. Heavily reliant on his natural athleticism; doesn’t appear to have any sort of rush plan or idea about how to set up blockers and use his hands. Gets glued to blocks when his first move doesn’t work. Limited ability to convert speed to power. Doesn’t shy away from contact, but currently has poor gap discipline and awareness in the run game; hunts for big plays instead of handling his responsibilities as an edge-setter. Needs to do a better job of keeping his head up and locating. Shoulders get turned too regularly. Still learning to use his length to lock out opponents. Struggles to protect his legs. Could develop into something over time because of his range and radius. Also has some experience dropping into coverage. Tested very well pre-draft, but is really raw for a fifth-year senior. Classic boom-or-bust prospect with one of the lowest floors in the draft, but there’s a lot to mold if a team has the coaching, strength program, and patience to help him reach his potential.


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