OC Cameron Jurgens, Nebraska

6’3″, 303, 4.92

Was recruited as a tight end, only becoming a full-time center in 2019. Thickly-built center who brings a high level of intensity. Has the short-area quickness to execute pulls and climbs. Able to chip and reach a second-level defender. Keeps feet churning after contact, working hard to sustain through the whistle. Very active with his hands; keeps his head on a swivel. Powerful shove as the help blocker. Plays with adequate width in his base in pass protection. Lack of ideal length and aggressive play style leads to a lot of balance issues. Guilty of some waist-bending, and frequently falls off of blocks by playing outside his frame. More athletic in a straight line than he is laterally quick. Somewhat penalty-prone. Could theoretically fit in any sort of offensive scheme.

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