WR Velus Jones Jr., Tennessee

6’0” – 204 lbs. – 4.31

Started his career at USC, where he spent four years including a redshirt season; transferred to Tennessee in 2020 and enjoyed his breakout season offensively this past year. Will be a 25 year-old rookie. Essentially a gadget player who usually lined up in the slot at Tennessee, but would often be motioned pre-snap to create confusion (jet, orbit, etc.), typically dressing up inside runs with a fake option. Dynamic athlete who is very dangerous with the ball in his hands, and consequently returned both kicks and punts for the Volunteers as well. Runs with a lot of power and toughness, and is capable of making defenders miss in space. Fights his way through arm tackles. Receiving skills are more limited. Runs a very simple route tree, mostly on short patterns like hitches, screens off of RPO, ins, slants, and other patterns of that nature. Did a lot of his work as a receiver underneath off-coverage and on manufactured touches like rub routes, with the team wanting to give him a chance to do his thing in space. Has rare speed to challenge deep but isn’t a particularly nuanced route-runner, relying more on speed and acceleration. Shows some ability to mix up speeds at the line with his release, but didn’t work too much against press during the games reviewed. Doesn’t present quarterbacks with a particularly big target due to his lack of size/length. Can be a little bit chippy as a blocker, but doesn’t stay connected consistently.


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