DE Micheal Clemons, Texas A&M

6’5” – 263 lbs. – 4.83

High school running back who spent two years in community college before transferring to Texas A&M, where he spent five years (one redshirt), starting the last three. Became a team captain last year. Big defensive end with very long arms; took snaps on both ends of the defense, sometimes out of a two-point stance. Has a reasonably good anchor and the length to lock out blockers and hold his ground at the line in the run game; should appeal to teams which favor two-gap principles. Overall gap discipline and ability to locate the football leave something to be desired; too many snaps where his rush-first approach lets opposing ballcarriers run through big holes. Needs to get better at protecting his legs. Has potential as a pass-rusher, with escalating production. Covers a lot of ground with his first step. Occasionally flashes the flexibility to bend and dip his shoulder when coming around the edge, but looks stiff on other snaps; usually gets too much depth and needs to gather to redirect. Shows the ability to convert speed to power and create pressure with his bull rush; can be a problem when he really brings it. Still needs to develop more moves/counters; rush approach is very straightforward. Durability is a big question mark; missed all of 2018 and seven games between 2019-2020. Two previous arrests will require further investigation. At his best, looks like a potential starting defensive end, but the snap-to-snap consistency is not there. Didn’t play end before getting to college, but spent seven years in school, so it’s not clear how much better he’ll get. Mid-round, boom-or-bust type.


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