WR Romeo Doubs, Nevada

6’2” – 201 lbs. – N/A

Has been starting since his freshman season, with escalating production every year and over 1,000 receiving yards in each of the past two. Lanky receiver with solid height. Has pretty nice feet to release at the line, with adequate hand use. Not one of the most explosive receivers in the class, but has at least adequate speed and ran a lot of deeper patterns. The actual route tree he was asked to run in college was pretty extensive, with inside/outside releases, crossers, deeper in routes, deep curls, comebacks, etc. Some hip sink/attention to detail with his feet at the route stem, but not particularly explosive through the breaks; might struggle to get open against man coverage as a pro. Shows impressive flexibility overall and provides a pretty big target because of his ability to adjust to throws away from his frame. Appears to have a reliable pair of hands. Physical and aggressive at the catch point, with enough focus/strength to make contested catches in coverage, something he’s likely to have to do at the next level given his relatively limited separation; consequently, will require a quarterback who trusts him enough to throw into tight coverage like he had in Carson Strong at Nevada. Doesn’t always look like he’s giving full effort when he’s not one of the primary receivers. Overall effort to engage as a blocker is limited; will throw a shoulder but doesn’t engage with fundamentals and work to stalk/sustain. Also returned punts. Mid-round value whose best traits are his flexibility, hands, and competitiveness at the catch point, but who is not particularly explosive or dynamic and needs to improve his effort as a blocker.

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