Category: Offensive Guard



6’6” – 331 lbs. – 5.40e

Has started the past twenty-nine games at left guard for the Seminoles. Massive prospect with excellent height, bulk, and length; carries his weight well. When given the opportunity to attack an opponent’s outside shoulder, can drive his man well off the line of scrimmage. Keeps his feet churning after contact. Has a very strong grip; almost impossible to shed once he has his hands on an opponent. Physically overwhelming blocker who can finish snaps with knockdowns; rarely ends up on the ground himself. More athletic than anticipated given his size; works hard to get out in front of screens or to the second level on run blocks. Not just an obstruction down the field, but can actually engage second-level defenders. Bends his knees well in pass protection despite his height. Uses his arms to get good extension, albeit not on a consistent basis. Exhibits a superb anchor against power rushers. Gets caught bending at the waist too often for a player with his size and length. Lateral agility is generally adequate, but pass protection technique suffers the further he has to travel. Can be victimized by delayed blitzes and unconventional rush combinations. Would benefit from being more patient in pass protection; will overextend and make himself vulnerable to gap-shooting defensive tackles with quick hands. More comfortable anchoring than attempting to prevent rushers from attacking gaps; struggles to recover when he’s beat off the snap, where he exhibits a tendency to get grabby and potentially get flagged for holding. Consequently, despite being built like a right tackle, could be exposed if left on an island against defensive ends and outside linebackers. Benefited from playing between highly-touted left tackle Cameron Erving and 2014 fourth-round pick Bryan Stork. As it stands, however, is one of the most impressive offensive guard prospects in some time, a beautifully-built road grader who offers more range and a better work ethic than most players his size. Overextends a bit too often, but technique is actually pretty good overall as both a run blocker and a pass protector; with further tweaking, has the look of a quality starter at offensive guard.

Games watched: Clemson (’13), Florida (’13), North Carolina St. (’13)




6’4” – 339 lbs. – 5.35e

Started in the Seminoles’ bowl game as a freshman, his only start of the year, then stepped into the starting lineup at right guard in 2012 and has remained there since. Has a thick build consistent with the pro prototype; nice overall weight distribution; could stand to lose a bit of weight, but doesn’t appear overencumbered. Capable of anchoring against bull rushers. Frame provides a considerable obstacle for smaller defenders. High-effort blocker with active hand use and who keeps his legs churning after contact. When positioned properly, is almost never overpowered by an opponent. Generates good pop on contact and can jolt opponents with his initial punch. Nasty blocker who is capable of finishing blocks. Very effective double-team blocker. Athletic enough in a short area to get out to the second level and secure blocks on linebackers, or obstruct their path with a cut block; impressive overall movement skills given his bulk. Also has experience pulling, particularly to the left side. Tends to lower his head on contact, which can lead to defenders crossing his face. Also bends at the waist too often, especially when trying to recover against gap-shooting defensive tackles. More comfortable when given a chance to drive or anchor against a lineman who’s lined up directly opposite him than he is against someone lining up on his inside or outside shoulder. Can be a split-second late to adjust to stunts and blitzes in pass protection. When beat off the snap, can be walked back farther than he should by defensive tackles who are smaller than him; problem is somewhat concerning given generally slow reaction time to the ball being snapped. Lacks elite grip strength and doesn’t sustain blocks quite as well as he should given his strength and large hands; will fall off on occasion. Will probably be limited to playing offensive guard at the pro level, but could realistically fit in either an inline or zone blocking scheme (more readily at the former.) Physical tools and temperament to become a quality starter at offensive guard are clearly there, but must play with more consistent balance, positioning, and technique on a snap-to-snap basis in order to avoid beating himself.

Games watched: Clemson (’13), Florida (’13), North Carolina St. (’13)



6’5” – 315 lbs. – 5.30e

Brother of Cyrus Kouandjio, former Alabama left tackle who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Underwent multiple knee surgeries on both knees after appearing in two games as a redshirt freshman. Was utilized in a reserve capacity in ten of thirteen games in 2012, then stepped into the starting lineup as a junior, lining up at left guard next to his brother. During spring training, also received reps at right tackle. Really looks the part, with an extremely thick build for an offensive guard. Frame is very effective at preventing defensive linemen from finding their way around him against both the pass and run. Consistently plays through the whistle but lacks the speed to consistently secure second-level blocks or pull and reach a defender. Nonetheless, is capable of securing hook blocks in the run game. Can chip one defender and quickly reposition himself to block another rusher. Wasn’t asked to secure many cut blocks and pulled wide only a few times a game. Generates pop on contact and keeps his feet churning after engaging. When he has the opportunity to square up on a defender in the run game, is capable of driving them into the ground and flashes the killer instinct to do so. Knee-bender. Demonstrates impressive balance as both a run blocker and pass protector, rarely ends up on the ground. However, when he finds himself out of position, has a tendency to grab and pull, which could lead to penalties. Gets good arm extension in pass protection, with a strong grip to sustain his blocks. Mirrors very well in pass protection; good lateral movement. Assignment-sound. Also displays a strong anchor against opposing bull rushers. Somewhat susceptible to spin moves. Massive, battle-tested left guard who is equally impressive as a pass protector and run blocker and should be able to start as a rookie; more refined mentally and technically than recent Tide linemen Chance Warmack and Cyrus Kouandjio. Would fit best in an inline/power scheme, but is talented and polished enough to fit in a zone as well. Plays like a first-round pick, but medical evaluations may push him further down the board.

Games watched: Texas A&M (’13), Arkansas (’13), Oklahoma (’13)